Hold on to Hope

Life changes every day as we go through different journeys, and one thing is certain: adjusting to change can be challenging, be it planned or unplanned. At Lydia’s House of Hope we have been going through shifts and changes in…


Choosing Trust

Imagine coming from a life of addiction, heartbreak, and abuse. Lost. Surrounded by darkness. A life scarred with so much pain that the scars became the only way you were seen and how you were treated. You know no other…


Embracing Our New Normal

The women at Lydia’s House of Hope have not been just surviving this pandemic, they have been thriving through it with grace and humility. Like so many others have experienced, the COVID-19 pandemic caused us to halt all normal daily…

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Miracle on 21st Street

“Things like this just don’t happen to someone like me” But here at Lydia’s House of Hope👩‍👧‍👧  MIRACLES DO happen right here on 21st Street!!! There truly are no words to express our gratitude for Foreside Family Dental who not only came to offer…


Investing in a New Beginning

Three years ago a rundown house was purchased, and a dream was born. Three years later, that dream has exceeded all expectations, as this last month we watched four families graduate and begin their new lives. Our last graduate came…


Thank You Planet Fitness!!!

(March 25, 2019) Governor Sununu, Chris Rondeau, CEO of Planet Fitness, and staff from Lydia’s House of Hope gathered for a ribbon cutting to celebrate the new workout facility.  Planet Fitness completely remodeled the basement and outfitted the home with…