Lydia's House of Hope is moving families from Homeless to Wholeness.

Where people lead, change tends to follow.

Lydia’s House of Hope

Mailing address: 21 Grand St
Somersworth, NH 03878

Office phone: 603-692-3100

Seeds of Faith Inc. was established in 2002 by Theresa Tozier out of her desire to help the homeless. Today, our mission continues to be to provide relief to the homeless, the underprivileged, to feed the hungry, and shelter the broken. 

Lydia’s House of Hope, a 365-day transitional housing program for homeless women and children, provides opportunities that transform lives and help break the generational cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Grace House is our latest project, a home with affordable transitional living without residents having to re-enter any toxic environment from which they may have recently come.

Grace House

Our project focused on making a transition from the structure of Lydia’s House of Hope to real-world independent living. Grace house is a three-apartment housing opportunity for graduates of the program to move toward independence and freedom from generational poverty and homelessness. 

Working throughout the community

Seeds of Faith is the parent organization of Seeds of Faith Ministries, a 501(c)3  non-profit working throughout the community to provide for families in need. Currently, we operate Lydia’s House of Hope, The Food Pantry, Grace House. 

News, Press, & Events

Choosing Trust

Choosing Trust

Imagine coming from a life of addiction, heartbreak, and abuse. Lost. Surrounded by darkness. A life scarred with so much pain that the scars became the only way you were seen and how you were treated. You know no other way. This is how one of our recent graduates, Laura,…

Embracing Our New Normal

Embracing Our New Normal

The women at Lydia’s House of Hope have not been just surviving this pandemic, they have been thriving through it with grace and humility. Like so many others have experienced, the COVID-19 pandemic caused us to halt all normal daily operations at Lydia’s House of Hope. This crisis could have…

Miracle on 21st Street

Miracle on 21st Street

“This allows me to be me again and not hide anymore.” But here at Lydia’s House of Hope👩‍👧‍👧  MIRACLES DO happen right here!!! There truly are no words to express our gratitude for Eric Chinberg who  will be providing the GIFT OF A SMILE😁 with free dental  care! When our women…