Lend a helping hand

Our program could not run without the help and support of so many volunteers, from both in and outside of the program.

We learn everyday from those that come to provide their skills, training, support, crafts, and passions to our residents and staff and who give tirelessly and completely to make this program better and more enriched. We seek out skill sets and abilities that we find our residents are in need of. We reach out but just as often, people come to us looking to help and ask what they can do.

We are always looking for babysitters for our kids when their moms are in class. We love to provide crafts and new skills and workshops on weekends to teach something fun and creative outside the regular curriculum. We occasionally need chaperones for field trips or events we attend. We love to have volunteers come in and teach cooking and baking skills to our residents for them to enjoy and learn.

“One of the most heartbreaking things to witness at Lydia’s House of Hope is when a life comes to us crushed by pain and weighed down by the saddest failures and darkest of rejections……ONLY to watch as time, HOPE and the love of God begins to strengthen them enough to turn their lives into a harp of beautiful music that will fill the world.”

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If you would like to provide childcare, teach a program, provide a service, donate your time, or help out in any way, please fill out the above application or contact us at 603-692-3100 or send an email to: info@seedsoffaithnh.org

Note: Volunteers are subject to background check and confidentiality agreement