Help make a difference, one life at a time!

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Ways to Give

Make a Financial Contribution

We are not state or federally funded. It takes approximately $6000.00 to provide for a single woman for a year and $12,000.00 for a family. Donations help to offset some of our operational costs incurred each year.

Donate Your Labor or Materials

Lydia’s House and Grace House are often in need of maintenance, updates, and repairs. Are you in construction, electric, plumbing or an overall handy person? Consider donating your services.

                  For more information email Maria at                            

Donate Your Time

Much of our daily curricula and trainings are taught by volunteers. Do you have knowledge you’d like to share, or perhaps a skill that our residents would benefit from learning? Do you just enjoy helping others? Consider volunteering!

                           Visit our Volunteer Page
              or email our Program Coordinator at:


Donate Needed Items

Click on the buttons below to view our updated list of Food Pantry Needs and to view our current Amazon Wish List:

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