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Please fill out the form below to apply for residency at Lydia’s House of Hope. Before filling out this application, please read our Program Guide to see if we are the right fit for you. Our process to be admitted begins with your application below.  Once we receive the application, a caseworker will contact you within 48 hours to review your information and help you move forward in the application process. Please be as honest and as accurate as possible. If any inaccurate information is provided, you will be immediately disqualified from admittance into the program. Background checks will be conducted for anyone selected to enter Lydia’s House of Hope.

Job Application

Job Application

Transitional Housing Program

Lydia’s House of Hope is a 12 month Transitional Housing Program. Individuals accepted into our program are chosen based on their readiness and motivation to want to work on personal goals and dreams. You will meet with a Case Manager as needed weekly. They will work with you to set goals and monitor and assist you with the progress of your goals. The programming listed below are ones that you will participate in. The Case Manager will assist you with creating a manageable schedule and linking you to the resources you will need to reach your goals. Time Management Training Financial Literacy and Budgeting Transportation – Acquiring driver’s license and obtaining a vehicle In-House individual counseling W/ MLADC Cooking Classes: Healthy Eating and Grocery Shopping Parenting Classes Recovery Classes Job Skill Training Adult Education/Post Education/Higher Education Weekly Mandatory Essentials are: Morning Devotions – Monday – Friday 7am House Meetings – 1 time week Curfew is 4:30 pm to support a positive life style routine, and learn to work together in a family based atmosphere. Dinnertime meals will be shared Church on Sunday – Your choice Finally, Lydia’s House of Hope is a Christian based Transitional Housing Program; therefore, we do not allow the teachings or meditations of other religions here. We reserve all rights to our religious position without complete rebuttle.
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